Detail Masters Removes Oil Overspray From Vehicles in Texas

By November 3, 2018Case Studies

Detail Masters operates an onsite claim management center at a local sports complex

Detail Masters recently completed restoration of over 1000 vehicles in Texas. After an oil line leaked at a local refinery, orange overspray affected thousands of vehicles in a local neighborhood. The oil contaminates proved difficult to remove for most local car washes and detailing shops. That is because oil contaminates tend to bind vehicle surfaces including clear coat, windows, trim elements and wheels, and traditional products don’t have the necessary formulas needed for removal.

Detail Masters offered a unique service for the refinery claim managers in that they provided a large mobile crew, onsite claim management, and the expert knowledge needed for proper vehicle restoration. Within a few days of being called to the site Detail Masters was on the ground with a 30 man crew quickly restoring local resident’s vehicles.

A large expert crew was able to restore up to nine vehicles at once

The overspray incident presented a difficult environmental dilemma because there was concern that the cleaning process would contaminate the local groundwater. Detail Masters was able to find the necessary treatments and solutions needed for restoration without the use of any water. Utilizing a water-free cleaning process Detail Masters was able to prevent further environmental contamination and save the local city hundreds of thousands of gallons of tap water.

Detail Masters service received positive feedback from the local residents and claim managers. Through patented technology, fast service, and advanced claim management, Detail Masters was able to help save the local reputation of the refinery and its affiliated companies.


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