Overspray Claim Management Nationwide

By May 30, 2018November 20th, 2018Featured, News & Tips

Detail Masters receptionist ready to dispatch crew.

Detail Masters Provides Overspray Removal Nationwide

Detail Masters’ reputation for quality overspray removal goes far beyond Boerne, Texas where it’s headquartered. In fact Detail Masters has worked on overspray claims large and small in all 50 states. The key to the versatility of Detail Masters is it’s dedicated mobile expert crew. Usually a crew is dispatched within hours of receiving a new claim. These crew members are stationed across the country and are ready with supplies and resources. Additional team members then fly or drive (depending on their distance from the job) until the necessary crew is on the ground to complete the job.

Detail Masters Worked on Overspray Claims in Over 20 Cities in 2017

Detail Masters team members usually can be on a job site within 24 hours anywhere in the country.

Detail Masters employees are overspray experts. The average Detail Masters’ employee spends half their year on the ground working on overspray claims. Because their work is dedicated solely to Overspray their knowledge base goes far beyond the staff at a local detail shop. They have seen every type of overspray, in every state and nearly every size claim.

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