Coronavirus (COVID-19) Remediation & Disinfection Services

Recent outbreaks of coronavirus have heightened the need for disinfection services of common interior areas and surfaces.

As one of the largest US emergency response providers, Detail Masters has strategically- placed resources to provide the fastest, most comprehensive remediation and disinfection services available

  • Office buildings
  • Refineries
  • Major Industrial
  • Automotive industry
  • Insurance companies

Unlike competing services, the system we employ eliminates and controls microbes perpetually. Even more uniquely, it does so through a purely physical process WITHOUT THE USE OF HARMFUL CHEMICALS using patented surface-modifying technology.

Contaminated Site Cleanup

While performing cleanup operations, DM personnel apply corrective action to any areas contaminated. Our turnkey remediation services are delivered by trained experts using company-owned assets, giving your organization the ability to act quickly and effectively. Our training and services methodologies are based on OHSA and CDC (FDA) guidelines and standards.

We have a proven track record of responding to catastrophic claims. We have the right people, equipment, and expertise.

Benefits of Our System:

  • Immediate Viral and Microbial Efficacy
    (Elimination of 99.9 % of pathogens present)
  • Residual Viral and Microbial Efficacy
    (remains actively antimicrobial for 90 days or more)
  •  Surface and Air Sanitation f Non-Toxic to Human Pets (Including Application Technicians)
  • EPA Registered
  • Chemistries on the EPA’s List
    of Emerging Pathogens
    (See List of Emerging Pathogens)
  • Costs of additional treatments are eliminated due to extended Residual Efficacy of the product system
  • The treatment of fungus, molds, and odors

Health & Safety is Our #1 Priority

The health, safety, and compliance of operations on your sites is our top priority. All of our employees are dedicated to ensuring this philosophy.